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New Business Services

Timely payment of wages is necessary for employee satisfaction and to keep them motivated.  Managing payroll is a difficult task for even the most proficient employee of a business.  Personnel changes to tax info, deadlines and constant changing tax laws only make the situation harder for compliance, leading to unnecessary delays and fees. Professional Payroll Services can take care of all your payroll requirements and free you and your employers of unnecessary stress and hassles. Outsourcing your payroll services becomes even more important for a start-up business. While you take care of everything from product development, to advertising and sales, payroll is one function that can be easily outsourced to Professional Payroll Services.

When you outsource to Professional Payroll Services, you do not have to worry about adding new H.R. staff to deal with your business growth. Similarly, our payroll services takes care of  all New Hires, lay-offs, WC and unemployment insurance for your growing businesses, thus freeing the owners of this responsibility at affordable prices. This allows you to focus on your core business.

Professional Payroll Services offers new businesses the convenience of paper paychecks or direct deposit. Businesses have the option for paper checks to be delivered to your office, or provided for direct deposit to employees. In either case, Professional Payroll Services takes care of all Local, State and Federal Tax withholdings and contributions to health and retirement plans. Additionally, Professional Payroll Services takes responsibility and incurs all tax penalties, if any, saving you money and worries. If your new business is working closely with a CPA you can allow them to have access to all payroll reports at any time during the tax year. Professional Payroll Services will calculate, compile and print all W2’s and 1099 for No Extra Fee, including all Year to Date reports.

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